• Open Source apps(FOSS)

Say bye to tracking and Phoning home apps. Open Source apps(FOSS) are developed by communities from around the world which you can download and use just like downloading from Google Playstore.

Open Source apps are also known as Free and open source(FOSS)

You must download these apps from the trusted sites like F-droid. You will find hundreds of fake/pirated apps with similar names in Google search.

The good thing about Open Source apps are codes. Anyone can go through the code for a particular app he/she want to download and make sure that app is clean and do not have any malicious coding.

List of apps
Android apps


Here I have listed the most used/trusted open source apps for Android and guide to download them.






Facebook: Frost for Facebook / Slimsocial

Twitter: Twidere / Slimsocial

Youtube: NewPipe

File manager: Amaze / Dir


Media player: VLC

Barcode and QR Code reader: Barcode Scanner

E-book reader: FBReader

Password Manager: KeePassDroid /Password manager

Browser : Firefox / Brave /Chromium

Rintone Maker: Ringdroid

Music Player : Phonograph, Vanilla Music player

Cleaning Tool: SD Maid

E-mail: K9 Mail/K9 Mail Material

Calculator: NCalc+

Keyboard: AnySoftKeyboard

Screen Filter: Red Moon(Some OEM’s already have filters)

System Storage Usage: DiskUsage

Messaging: Signal /Telegram

Gallery: Camera Roll

Games: 2048 /OpenArena / Battle for Wesnoth / Warmux

Ad Blocker: AdAway(For rooted phones) | DNS66(Non-rooted phones)

More apps and Categories will be updated….. So keep coming back